Tuesday, July 31, 2007

...and another one!

Auré and friends have done it again -caught another Portuguese-ringed storm petrel on Oussant in Brittany. This time its NO3166, who was ringed by Earthwatch team 3 at Ponta da Almadena on the night of 22-23/6/2006 -a night when we caught just 2 stormies (see, I told you it was worth the pain! -Rob).
Here is a great photo of N03166 in Brittany, taken by Auré on 30/7/2007.

Click here for Aure's photography webpage http://audevard.aurelien.free.fr/

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

News from France

Auré Audevard has been in touch via email to say that one of the stormies ringed in Portugal last summer has been recaptured in Brittany, NW France.

N03181 was initially caught at our main study site at Ponta da Almadena, Algarve, Portugal just before midnight on 24-25/05/2006 - a night when we caught a grand total of 3 birds! Hopefully this will be a delayed reward for the hard work put in by Earthwatchers Walaa, Polly & Tom!

It was subsequently identified as a female by Renata, via molecular sexing methods using DNA extracted from the shaft of a small breast feather.

Auré's ringng team recaptured the bird on the night of 15-16/7/2007, on the Island of Ouessant, off the westerly tip of Brittany
A map of Brittany from Google Earth

The ringing site on Ouessant Island

Ghostly bird-ringers

Waiting for the birds to arrive

These details will be submitted to the national ringing schemes in the normal way.
Thanks to Auré for the news and the photos -good luck for catching more Portuguese-ringed stormies!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Tale of Two Boat Trips: no. 2, daytime

Here are the sightings for the day boat trip on 15-6-07 between 17h30 - 20h00. Every trip seems quite different, but there is always quite a diversity of seabirds off the Portuguese coast in June.


First stop: 5.2 Nautical miles South of Lagos: 18h24
10 Yellow-legged Gull
4 Pomarine Skua
2 Great Skua
6 Cory's Shearwater
4 Black Tern
2 Common Tern
5 Gannets

Beale (fish monitor) and Bolton (camera monitor) in action

Second stop: 8.7 Nm S of Lagos 18h36
10 European Storm Petrel (simultaneous; total of 20?)
10 Cory's Shearwater
4 Common Tern
6 Yellow-legged Gull

Return journey:
20 Cory's Shearwater
1 Great Shearwater
2 Great Skua
...and after

Post-seasickness medication