Sunday, June 14, 2009

2009 catches

May 24th-25th: 47 stormies, 3 carrying Spanish rings, 1 UK ring + 1 CORY'S SHEARWATER!!!
May 25th-26th: 24 stormies, 1 UK ring
May 26th-27th: 20 stormies, 1 Spanish ring
May 27th-28th: night off
May 28th-29th: 0 stormies (but amazing waves!)
May 29th-30th: 35 stormies, 2 UK rings
May 30th-31th: 21 stormies, 1 Norwegian ring
May 31th-June 1st: night off (Goodbye Team 1)
June 1st-2nd: night off (Welcome Team 2)
June 2nd-3rd: 2 stormies
June 3nd-4rd: 7 stormies
June 4th-5th: 3 stormies
June 5th-6th: 10 stormies
June 6th-7th: 11 stormies, 1 Spanish retrap from May 24th,
PLUS our 5,000th stormie!!!
June 7th-8th: 8 stormies
June 8th-9th: 24 stormies
June 9th-10th: night off (Goodbye Team 2)
June 10th-11th: night off (Welcome Team 3)
June 11th-12th: 8 stormies
June 12th-13th: 25 stormies, including 1 retrap from last night
June 13th-14th: 31 stormies, 1 UK ring
June 14th-15th: 59 stormies, 2 UK rings
June 15th-16th: zero stormies -perplexing!!!
June 16th-17th: 28 stormies
June 17th-18th: Night off (various island and isopod - related activities)
June 18th-19th: 7 stormies
June 19th-20th: End of season party!!!

2009 Running total: 370 stormies (4 Spanish, 7 UK, 1 Norwegian, 1 Portuguese retrap) + 1 Cory's shearwater
All-time running total: 5,198 stormies

On nights in green, the Secret Weapon (dimethyl sulphide) was used as a scent lure.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Storm Petrellers 2009 -Team 3

Team 3 at the Cape

Swimming near the Cape

A megalithic monument moment!

Walking home at dawn
Note to Rebecca's mum; we are feeding her well!
One bakery customer preferred to remain anonymous
Team 3 night off; all ready for the big night out in Alvor!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Storm Petrelers 2009 -Team 2

At the Cape

Transport to the field site
Ready for action

Clearing the net ride!

Catching sea creatures
Early morning bakery visits are an important new development!

Team 2 have had a full moon to contend with
(it keeps the stormies offshore)
but its rising later in the night at last
Survivors' photo, dawn day 10

Monday, June 08, 2009

Our 5,000th stormie

After 20 years of storm petrel research at A Rocha Portugal, our project has reached a new landmark; our 5,000th storm petrel. Well done everyone! Here is the momentous bird, caught on the night of June 6th-7th 2009.

Team 2 boat trip

No stormies this time, but 3 Cory's shearwaters, 2 Mediterranean sheawaters, approx. 20 common terns, 1 skua sp., loads of gannets and best of all, 8 common dolphins frolicking around and under the boat. They were even seen mating! Thanks to Jelle and Bert for the great photos.