Saturday, June 09, 2007

Migration season

Two great nights in a row, with catches of 46 and 40 birds. This takes us to a 2007 total of 173 stormies -already more than the 2006 total of 136 birds. Our next challenge is to reach the all-time total of 4,000 Portuguese storm petrels -just a couple of hundred to go but 10 or so nights to do it!
Here is the team with the 100th bird of 2007.
Left to right: Jose Xavier, Patricia, Dave, Claudio, Jez & Leila.

Each petrel was examined by a committee of experts.
L-R: Sara, Patricia, Leila, Jez

Friday night was family night -here are Rosie and Ben Simonson about to release a petrel.

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