Sunday, May 11, 2008

Developments on the stormy coast

This advert was spotted recently in a glossy magazine -click on the image for a larger version. The view may look familiar to those of you who have been storm petrelling with A Rocha teams before...

...yes, that cliff in the background is where we walk out to the mist-netting site to catch our storm petrels! In fact, if you look very closely maybe you can make out a small band of exhausted biologists staggering back to their minibus.

The luxury accommodation is being built at the top of the bumpy track down to the beach where we park the van. It is also at the end of our daily little-owl survey route, a breeding site for red-necked nightjars and southern grey shrikes, and where we had glimpses of eagle owls on several occasions last summer.

Is this development -complete with yet another 18-hole golf course- what is needed in a National Park? Or is it the latest stage in the ongoing urbanisation of a wild and beautiful coastline? Or is it just the perfect retirement home for ageing storm petrellers with an interest in golf? Answers on a holiday postcard please! Or click on the link below to add a comment.

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