Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Join us in Portugal - Stormies 2014

The Stormies Project is a unique opportunity to have an exciting time as part of a research expedition looking into the impacts of climate change on the smallest (and cutest) Atlantic seabird - the European storm petrel (stormie for short).
Anyone can join, no previous experience needed and you are guaranteed to have an amazing time with the stormies, while enjoying the sun and the beautiful food in the south of Portugal.

Team 1: 26th May - 4th June
Team 2: 5th - 14th June
Team 3: 15th - 24th June
Team 4: 25th June - 4th July

Prices (include, insurance, accomodation and food for 9 nights / 10 days and all the expenses related to fieldwork - transport, equipment, etc): £550 / 640 €

Please contact for more details.

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