Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Madeiran storm petrel!

On a very busy first night for team 3, a Madeiran petrel was ringed by some very tired petrellers... here are some photos of a great bird -only the 3rd Madeiran petrel ringed at Almadena in 19 years of ringing stormies.

10th primary growing on both wings
1 tail feather growing
Primary coverts, secondaries & alula all fresh
Active body moult
Wing 156mm
Tarsus 23.1mm
Mass 41.7g


Ricardo Lima said...

The madeiran storm petrel is a rarity for Portugal, except Berlengas and Farilhões!
I already sent the information to the comitee.
Good luck for the rest of the petrel season,

Rob T said...

Thanks Ricardo -Marcial will pass the full details on to you and the rarities committee. Best wishes, Rob.